Greetings in the magical Crochet World. It is quite small, but growing, trying to take a place in your heart. There is monarchy in the Crochet World and the only leader is Tanny.
Crochet World was born on one of those long winter evenings of 2008, when the soft snow covered the planet. The foundation of Crochet World was full of adventures and unexpected discoveries and Tanny could not come off with them, without few faithful friends and teachers next to her.
Tanny knew the basics of knitting from early childhood, because her mother created from the yarn wonders, and inquisitive little girl was always asking for secret knowledge of this magic. After few years she met a charming Anastasia, who shared the knowledge and opened the door to this magical world. So day by day, wraping her life with a soft yarn Tanny created this small, but truly a magical world. She continue to improve her skills by putting all the warmth of her heart in the goods that deal with her soft hands.